Immaculate trinity: Choo Yilin’s new Peranakan Trio collection

Immaculate trinity: Choo Yilin’s new Peranakan Trio collection

An epic trilogy

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Choo Yilin is launching the third installment in its Peranakan series, aptly named the Trio collection

If you've been following Choo Yilin as closely as we have, and you've several heirloom pieces from the iconic Peranakan collection, your true blue Singaporean self will be over the moon to know Peranakan the third is happening. Featuring the previous design codes of the series, the new addition works the motifs of the Peranakan Flower and Peranakan Lace combined — except they're beautifully lined up in sets of three to reflect a harmonious trinity.

Affixed onto special cylindrical cuts of jade exclusive to Choo Yilin, the exquisite craftsmanship sees the homegrown brand's signature floral filigree set with coloured gemstones meant to symbolise the past, present and future milestones in one's life. Likened to a time capsule worn closely, the Peranakan Trio includes rings and necklaces with each piece carrying its own distinct depth and colour, making the collection as unique as its wearer.

Choo Yilin Peranakan Trio

The Peranakan Trio Collection will be exclusively launched for preview on 10 November at the Choo Yilin booth at Boutique Fairs, and online and in-stores at the flagship boutique from 16 November.