Choo Yilin’s Lunar Jade collection is its most prestigious yet

Choo Yilin’s Lunar Jade collection is its most prestigious yet

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

The beloved homegrown jeweller launches a new collection that utilises only the world’s most exquisite type of jade

How well do you know your jade? For instance, there's more than one type of the stuff, and only five per cent of the world's jade supply remains as pure as the day it was mined — it other words, it has not been artificially enhanced in any way. This jade genome is known as Type A Jadeite, and has been Choo Yilin's hallmark gemstone since its early days. Now having established a legit voice in the local jewellery scene when it comes to all things jade, the homegrown label is turning out an edit that has been a decade in the making with the Lunar Jade collection.

Featuring an exquisite and rare assembly of the brand's most magnificent bangles, each bangle is a piece of jade handpicked by the founder for that particular quality that makes it A class. As Yilin shares, "It is only once in a blue moon, that amidst the sheer volume of jade we source, we find a piece that not only meets but surpasses our standards and leaves us absolutely awestruck." She further elaborates: "These bangles radiate a breathtaking glow and because they are impossibly rare, it has taken us these many years to collect and unveil them. A Lunar Jade Bangle is a one-of-kind work of art, organically created by nature and polished by master artisans to reveal an ethereal glow that's impossible to replicate. They belong to a class of jade that's coveted by international jade collectors because they represent the world's top one per cent of jade bangles."

Choo Yilin Lunar Jade collection

With a translucency unique to each piece, the first of the Lunar Jade collection to be unveiled is a beauty called Astria, so named to reflect the stone's unparalleled radiance that is akin to a gloriously starry sky. But that's not to say the rest of her sister bangles fall short; every piece in this highly exclusive edit was chosen for its exceptional luminosity and unbelievably fine grain (and is individually named according to its unique quintessence, to boot). To further highlight the jade's brilliance, Choo Yilin has scaled back its signature Peranakan-inspired filigreed metalwork to just a delicate clasp so that most of the bangle remains visible. In fact, as many as ten design iterations for the clasp were produced in order to get the details and proportions of each handcrafted milgrain just right. A true labour of love, this is jade at its most superlative to rival even flawless diamonds.

Choo Yilin Lunar Jade collection

The Lunar Jade collection is available exclusively at the Choo Yilin Flagship boutique in Mandarin Gallery. Appointments to view the collection are highly recommended.

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