Choo Yilin launches Jadeite Certification

Choo Yilin launches Jadeite Certification

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Text: Indah Jayanti

Heritage jewellery label Choo Yilin offers jadeite certification to confirm authenticity and quality of its products

Coveted for its work with untreated Type A jadeite, local jeweller Choo Yilin will be offering certification with every purchase of its jade designs. This serves to authenticate the jade's purity, while an additional in-house certification that comes with each bangle purchase provides detailed analysis on the value of each gem.

Choo Yilin

Upon discovering a gap in the market, the leading jade jewellery designer decided to pursue standardisation and transparency in the evaluation of their jade pieces. The pioneering label realised that substantiating a gem's worth is crucial: 

"This is especially necessary for the higher value items in excess of $10,000, where a large amount of the value of the piece is in the purity of the jade," says CEO and founder, Choo Yilin. "Jade is notoriously complex to appreciate and understand in the fine jewellery world — certifying our Jade designs not only provides accessibility to our customers, but also substantiates the quality that we have always ensured in our jade products."

So what exactly goes into a jade's grade? To obtain its certification, each Choo Yilin bangle will have to be tested, rigorously, based on these criteria: 

1. Colour
Green, yellow, lavender, white, brown, black.

2. Clarity
Grade 1: Much inclusions present
Grade 5: No visible inclusions to the naked eye

3. Texture
Grade 1: Coarse-grained
Grade 5: Fine-grained

4. Evenness
Grade 1: Uneven colour distribution
Grade 5: Almost entirely even colour to the naked eye

5. Translucency
Grade 1: Completely opaque
Grade 5: Even in translucency

Choo Yilin Jade certificates will begin in January 2016.