The Choo Yilin Kebaya collection drops a lavish follow-up with the Warisan Kebaya edit

The Choo Yilin Kebaya collection drops a lavish follow-up with the Warisan Kebaya edit

A piece of legacy

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Our heritage gets another shoutout from Choo Yilin as the brand launches the Warisan Kebaya collection

There's something about re-purposing icons and motifs both traditional and cultural into contemporary, abstract versions that will go on to adorn clothes, accessories, and even interior design that we just can't get enough of. Take the Bintang Beralih and the humble rattan, for example, which have become bigger and edgier than our forefathers could have ever predicted. Further adding to this emerging movement of traditional-to-millennial? Choo Yilin's new Warisan Kebaya collection, which comes on the heels of its first jewellery edit inspired by our region's cultural dress ('warisan' means legacy in Bahasa, BTW).

Choo Yilin Warisan Kebaya collection

Tightly curated, Kebaya part two consists of a necklace, earrings and a ring, with the parure working a lavish aesthetic that explores a softer, more romantic side reminiscent of modern day kebayas. While the basic form of the motif is similar between both collections, crafted in the signature filigree style of Choo Yilin, the metal comes in 18K rose gold instead and the Type A Jadeite used is of the ivory-hued Ice Jade variety. A petite diamond solitaire sits right at the centre as a finishing touch, which adds that extra sparkle to catch the eye. Undeniably luxurious yet layered with a cultural and sentimental flair, these are heirlooms that surely live up to its name.

The Warisan Kebaya Collection is available online and at the Choo Yilin Flagship boutique in Mandarin Gallery.

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