Chaumet’s Lumières Célestes is a treasure trove of yellow diamonds and pearls

Chaumet’s Lumières Célestes is a treasure trove of yellow diamonds and pearls


Text: Angelyn Kwek

An ode to Chinese culture and history, the Chaumet Lumières Célestes is the ultimate East-meets-West jewellery collection

It's Parisian haute joaillerie influenced by China's culture and history as Chaumet shines a spotlight on one of the world's oldest civilisations with the Lumières Célestes collection. Truly feminine beauty of the highest order, this combination of French and Chinese aesthetics flaunts the sparkle of yellow diamonds juxtaposed with the soft gleam of pearls — a reflection of the traditional fine jewellery elements favoured in the West and East respectively.

Chaumet Lumieres Celeste

With stylised clouds forming the leitmotif, the collection is also a display of Chaumet's virtuosity in turning out magnificent, dream-like pieces that interweave the grace and lightness characteristic of the maison's style into every stone and facet. The tiara alone is adorned with a twisting bandeau pattern crafted using the fils couteau technique, which involves setting the gems on an extremely thin track to create the impression that there is nothing holding them in place. Similarly, the rest of the ensemble is pure brilliance, from a stunning tasselled necklace beaded with countless precious pearls to statement rings and earrings, testament to the convergence of French artistry with Chinese design codes, and a sole purpose to enhance the beauty of women everywhere.

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