Be seduced by the new parure in the Liens de Chaumet collection

Be seduced by the new parure in the Liens de Chaumet collection

Golden threads

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Crafted to represent eternal attachment, the Chaumet Liens Séduction is the fine jewellery meant for your loved ones

You can't put a price tag on sentiment, unless that value comes in the form of the new Liens Séduction. An expansion of the iconic Liens de Chaumet series, which has been the go-to for sentimental jewellery since the '70s, the new collection re-invents the way sentiment is expressed by unveiling a different facet of emotion with a gleaming ribbon that loops in perfect curves.

Chaumet Liens Séduction

Sculpted rose or white gold bands flow together into a delicate knot tied with the lightest touch, and this fine jewellery thread symbolises Chaumet's essential link between its past, present and future. Equally, it's an intangible symbol of affection, drawn from the founding story of love shared by Napoléon and Joséphine. Designed to represent the degrees of affection between two people, the new Séduction rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants continue the narrative of love, accenting the first blush of romance to the enduring tradition of filial affection. Enriched by diamond versions that feature glittering solitaires tracing along its arcs, the Liens Séduction is whimsical, graceful femininity that are perfect for slipping into a box labelled 'from me to you'.

Chaumet Liens Séduction

The Liens Séduction collection is available at Chaumet boutiques.

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