Chaumet welcomes a new family of watches into its fold, the Boléro

Chaumet welcomes a new family of watches into its fold, the Boléro

Gold standard

Text: Karishma Tulsidas

We're going to let you in on a little secret: we have a huge soft spot for watches made by jewellery maisons. Sure, the Swiss horogical companies conceive and produce some of the most spectacular watches in the world, but there is a certain je ne sais quoi about timepieces designed by a jewellery brand. Each aspect of the design is lavished with utmost care and attention, including the lesser-thought-about elements such as the lugs and the crowns - it all comes together in one harmonious and beautiful objet d'art, and the overall result often straddles the line between watch and jewel, an exemplar of design excellence.

The Chaumet Boléro collection features a watch, bracelet and ring

Chaumet's newest watch collection, the Boléro, perfectly illustrates our point. Launched during Paris' haute couture week, where jewellery maisons often take the opportunity to release their haute joaillerie collections, the Chaumet Boléro epitomises the Parisian aesthetic of less is more. It derives its inspiration from composer Maurice Ravel's most famous piece, Boléro, that he had created for Russian dancer and actress Ida Rubinstein. The composition is repetitive, increasing in tempo and crescendo until the final explosion of fireworks.

Similarly, the Chaumet Boléro is truly the sum of all its parts: the sensual, polished curves of the voluptuous bezel is paired with the sculptural crown and linked bracelet. The integrated bracelet sinks slightly beneath the curved case, a detail that enhances the sinuous effect of the timepiece. The timepiece is currently available in rose or yellow gold, with a white or black dial. The larger version is equipped with a Swiss automatic movement, while the smaller one is conveniently powered by quartz. The collection also comes replete with bracelets and rings. 

To see how the Parisian girls have worn their Boléro, swipe through the gallery above.