Personalising your engagement ring just got decoded with Chaumet’s Crown Your Love service

Personalising your engagement ring just got decoded with Chaumet’s Crown Your Love service

The 4Cs of Chaumet

Text: Angelyn Kwek

The first step to happily ever after starts from the moment you pick your perfect engagement band

The formula for the perfect wedding is still kind of trial and error — whether you're going for the traditional RoM-banquet dinner package or kicking it normcore with an alternative spin — but at least checking all the boxes when it comes to the perfect engagement ring won't be an issue with Chaumet in the picture. Introducing Crown Your Love, the maison that reps all things romantic has now launched a new service that offers infinite possibilities to let you personalise your happily ever.

Thanks to a vast choice of settings and stones, which allows you to customise your own exceptional solitaire, the platform lets couples choose across every emblematic Chaumet wedding collection, such as the Joséphine, Liens and Plume. While half the fun is in mixing and matching up to nine engagement band styles with diamond cuts however you fancy, some numbers to keep in mind are the carats — you can go anywhere from 0.3 to 1.2 but heavier than that and it'll have to be a solitaire from the Frisson collection (where you can scale up to 1.7 carats). GIA certifications are also available for your viewing, so you can weigh in on your choice of diamond with information based on the traditional 4Cs, as well as additional factors like the symmetry of the cut.

Here's how the 3-step process works:

Not just limited to hers only, Crown Your Love caters to grooms-to-be as well, as the break down of its diamond-plus-band selection process includes simple rounded or bevel-edged ring designs men can consider. Enriching the array of band styles are also playful tweaks to a handful of Chaumet signatures, like Joséphine rings taking on the aigrette V-shape or the Bee My Love collection flaunting a new graphic honeycomb structure that nestles into its solitaire. There's even a new stackable wedding band option. And the best part of this entire journey, you know, besides being involved in the process as a couple and the whole personalisation angle, is that it takes just three to four weeks for the ring of your dreams to go from concept to completion. This is how you say yes to the ring.

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