Can you tell which fairytales inspired the new Chaumet campaign?

Once upon a time

Text: Angelyn Kwek

…There was a maison presenting a new fairytale narrative emboldened with free-spirited codes

Three striking images. Three instances of iconic stills. These are the moments captured in Chaumet's new campaign where fine jewellery creates a narrative inspired by fairytales, but tweaked with a touch of modern-day Parisian glamour.

Depicted by focused shots that reveal a majestic laurel tiara worn backwards, a gloved hand posed in a royal wave that flashes several Joséphine rings, and an unorthodox embellishment where a Liens Séduction bracelet encircles the ankle, the maison shines a light on classic elegance re-interpreted to one's own whimsy, and worn with panache. Visualised with an open-ended dialogue that weaves an air of mystery and anticipation — where is she going? Who is she meeting? What about happily ever after? — the brand's fresh directive not only brings fairytale moments to life the Chaumet way, but proves that haute joaillerie can be as playful as it is graceful.


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