Gabrielle Chanel comes to life on the Mademoiselle J12

Girls just wanna have fun

Text: Clara Tan

Now you can wear her personality on your wrist

What comes to mind when one thinks of Mademoiselle Chanel?

Mischevious? Only in playful grace. Excessive? But of course. Unpredictable? Absolutely fitting this instance. The visionary maison sweeps us off our feet with the new Mademoiselle J12 — a timepiece that pays tribute to Gabrielle Chanel and the personality she's embedded on the brand. And of course, her iconic, emblematic suit and sophisticated hat that has transcended various fashion trends and fads over the years. This silhouette's that so fond in our head is now created as a dial on the J12. Printed on a sapphire glass plate and affixed onto the lacquer dial, the designer doyenne's well dressed arms serve as the hour and minute hand.

The Mademoiselle J12 comes in classic monotone colours and has everything an excellent functional watch has: Sturdy ceramic and steel, water resistance and cutting-edge haute horlogerie technology. It acts as a bracelet that tells time. A watch packed with personality and class, the J12 is an excellent addition to Chanel's symbolic timepieces and your collection of watches. We're in love with Coco.

The Mademoiselle J12 is available at Chanel boutiques.