Red state of mind: Chanel’s new limited edition Première Rock Red

Red state of mind: Chanel’s new limited edition Première Rock Red

Fiercely femme

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Do as Mademoiselle Coco does and go for the quintessential Chanel style with the Première Rock Red

An icon never goes out of style, and much like the First Lady of fashion, the Chanel Première has all the makings of a horology superstar clad in its latest rendition of evocative red. Identified by the chain wrap-around bracelet — a signature detail of the House of Chanel since the '50s and slung over every discerning woman's shoulder in the form of the 2.55 bag — the Première Rock Red cuts a bold statement that's equal parts stylish and sensual.

Infused with a fresh vibrancy and that undeniable ja ne se quoi to give that finishing touch to any ensemble, this high-precision quartz movement is feminine perfection with its the octagonal white mother-of-pearl dial and the crimson leather ribbon threading throughout the watch. And if it's arm candy that doubles up as a multi-purpose accessory, the Première Rock Red's got that covered too as it can be worn as a headband, necklace and an arm bracelet. Hello, va-va voom.

Chanel Première Rock Red

The Première Rock Red is available in Chanel boutiques from mid-January, limited to 1000 pieces.

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