Cartier’s Panthères et Colibri: A spectacle to behold

Feline frolic

Cartier’s Panthères et Colibri: A spectacle to behold
The Cartier Panthères et Colibri is equipped with power reserve function camouflaged as a moving portrait of nature

The Cartier signature panther shares a scene with her cub on the Panthères et Colibri dial, atop Cartier's new caliber 9915 MC movement. The exquisite display serves as a sleek disguise for its on demand power reserve feature.

Set against a black, diamond-studded background, the panther rests alongside a hummingbird. Upon pressing the winding-crown, the hummingbird takes flight while a cub emerges to indicate activation of the power reserve function. Set against a filigree of wild plants, the breadth of the bird's flight indicates time remaining until rewinding is needed. 

Cartier Panthères et Colibri

The panther's diamond-set coat with black lacquer spots lends refined femininity to the timepiece, with its pear-shaped emerald eyes as a welcome highlight. The heavily ornamental yet refined piece also comes with an encrusted gem-set bezel complemented with a black alligator skin strap. If that doesn't satisfy your appetite for bling, a gem-set bracelet option is also available.

The Panthères et Colibri is one of Cartier's creations for Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie 2016.

Text: Indah Jayanti

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