Carrie K. is giving family heirlooms a new lease of life with its revival service

Carrie K. is giving family heirlooms a new lease of life with its revival service

Same old brand new you

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Image: Instagram | @carriek_rocks

Have an old piece of jewellery handed down through the generations you’d like to give a 21st century update? Carrie K’s Heirloom Revival service is here to help

Taking something seen as traditionally old-fashioned and modernising its design codes appears to be Carrie K.'s niche. Just take a gander at the Modern Heirloom collection and it's soon to launch follow-up, the Changing Star. 'Revamp' might just be too light a word to use, as the end result is nothing short of a total evolution.

In a similar vein, the new Heirloom Revival service treads the same path (inspired by the success of the Modern Heirloom collection, perhaps), and seeks to tell cherished family treasures in a new narrative. Reimagined as modern, stylish and symbolic pieces, the service deconstructs the dated aesthetic of old jewellery to craft something new out of its components — and surprise surprise, it's a collaborative process between Carrie K. and yourself to ensure your own unique story and heritage gets distilled into the piece. From weaving in memories to personality traits, the homegrown jeweller goes beyond providing a restoration service; instead encouraging the creation of wearable stories you'll slip on as intimate reminders of those dear to you.


Some pieces the Heirloom Revival service has turned out include resetting an old-school jade pendant into a statement ring decorated with a starburst of amethyst stones as tribute to the fiery spirit of mummy dearest, as well as an inherited diamond pendant re-purposed into a diamond-studded NAK ring in memory of a mother's love. Brimming with character and a dash of modernity, it's time to dust off the heirloom jewellery left sitting in the safe and turn it into a bespoke, artisanal piece of your family history you'd be proud to wear everywhere.

To kickstart your own heirloom revival process, drop by the Carrie K. Fine Jewellery Atelier at the National Design Centre, Level 02-02, for a consultation.