Chopard unveils a glittering Palme d’Or to inaugurate the 70th Cannes Film Festival

Chopard unveils a glittering Palme d’Or to inaugurate the 70th Cannes Film Festival

Cinematic gem

Text: Angelyn Kwek

As the Cannes Film Festival kicks off, Chopard marks 20 years as the official partner with a unique, diamond-set Palme d’Or

Made to rival the glitzy affair that is the Cannes Film Festival on its 70th anniversary, Chopard has crafted a new Palme d'Or embellished with a smattering of brilliant diamonds upon the leaves of this renowned motif. Symbolic of the world's most glamorous film event, the golden palm additionally commemorates the two decades Chopard has seen alongside Cannes as the festival's official partner — an haute joaillerie expression of the maison's passion and heartfelt connection to the world of film.

Chopard Palme d'Or 2017

For this year's iteration, the Palme d'Or takes on an even more prestigious dazzle, cast from certified 18K Fairmined gold — as is customary since 2014, which reaffirms the brand's pledge to sustainable luxury — and adorned with sparkling drops of solitaires. Crafted in Chopard's jewellery ateliers in Geneva, the frond is beautifully handworked from the tip of every leaf to its stem. A closer look with an astute eye also reveals the glitter of diamonds at the base of the branch, shaped like a tiny heart as a tribute to one of the maison's signature icons.

Chopard Palme d'Or 2017

Appearing as though it's swaying in a soft breeze, this stylistic render adds on to the meticulous detailing of the Palme d'Or, which commanded a team of five artisans filing, polishing and setting the palm leaf by hand. As the ultimate finishing touch, a rock crystal cushion serves as this golden trophy's backdrop, carved to resemble an emerald-cut diamond. Taking a grand total of 40 hours to complete, the Palme d'Or truly shines as the gem of the Cannes Film Festival, wielding a clout meant for swanning down that red carpet.

The 70th Cannes Film Festival runs from 18 to 28 May.

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