#FirstClassFriday: The Bulgari Magnificent Inspirations

A gala of gems

#FirstClassFriday: The Bulgari Magnificent Inspirations
When in Rome, do as the Romans do by draping yourself in the glittering jewelled decadence that is Bulgari’s Magnificent Inspirations

Evocative of bold Italian glamour and distinctive artistry, Bulgari does their heritage proud with The Magnificent Inspirations, so named after their ancient Roman past and the unequivocal stamp the architecture and beauty of the Eternal City has made upon humanity.

Brimming with vividly coloured multi-faceted gems, rich volumes and a dazzling tangibility, the maison dedicates a trio of sub-collections within this opulent scope of masterpieces to their esteemed homeland. Sensual and extravagant, formal yet daring, Bulgari harnesses the daring creativity of Roma in their visionary creations to give us a haute joaillerie collection of brilliant diversity and perfection — expressive of three elements inspired by the Italian spirit — you can't help but fall in love with.

Italian Extravaganza
Going the route of the bold and the beautiful, the dolce vita culture of Italia is captured by Bulgari within the colour and glamour of the Italian Extravaganza collection. As unique as the country, the renowned passion and eloquence of the land and its people is translated into singular creations of sophisticated gem combinations, supplemented with a voluptuousness of sheer, intense femininity.
Bulgari The Magnificent Inspirations

Synonymous with glamourous beauty, signature necklaces entice with an alluring charm and reflect the Roman lifestyle of decadent baths and feminine pampering. Each iconic piece is crafted with colours of Caracalla marble and designed to mimic the graceful curves of ancient mosaics — a tribute to the intricate beautification rituals of olden Rome with a modern vibrancy to wear for luxurious occasions.

Mediterranean Eden
A play of light and lush nature, Bulgari fashions the bounty of the earth into exquisite creations that convey the energy and vitality of the maison. A constant source of inspiration, craftsmen jewellers reinterprets nature into artistic forms that hypnotises such as the Serpenti series and the Fiore di Bulgari floral splendour.
Bulgari The Magnificent Inspirations
Shimmering with the movement and iridescence of nature, the crafted geometry of serpents and flowers celebrates a sensuality juxtaposed with a romantic essence. A unique rendering of Mother Earth in compositions of precious stones and meticulous settings, the Mediterranean Eden is its namesake incarnated into haute jewellery that only the most of dedicated of maisons can bring to life.

Roman Heritage
Backdropped by Rome's history, culture and innovation that has driven humanity to greatness, this illustrious facet of mankind is perhaps the most magnificent of inspirations and Bulgari inherits their birthright to great reverence. With the key to the heart of Italy in their hands, the maison amasses their 130 years of expertise to celebrate the singularity of this legendary city.
Bulgari The Magnificent Inspirations
Influenced by the art and design of the Eternal City's architectural beauty, the Roman Heritage collection glitters with jewels cut in the rounded cabochon profile to denote the ancient domes, and orange-gold metal links of the signature Parentesi necklace reminisces the patterns of travertine streets. Painstakingly set with paved diamonds that beckons an awed touch, Bulgari's homage to their homeland's dynasty is an exultant collection of haute joaillerie that transcends the boundaries of time, culture and beauty.

The Magnificent Inspirations is available at Bulgari fine jewellery boutiques.

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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