Bulgari honours the All Blacks with a brand new timepiece

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Bulgari honours the All Blacks with a brand new timepiece
Long serving members of the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team honoured with a limited edition Bulgari timepiece

On 11 September, just a few days shy of the Rugby World Cup in London, luxury watchmaker Bulgari presented 16 members of the formidable All Blacks with a limited edition Octo All Blacks '100' Club timepiece. As official sponsors of the current World Champions Team, Bulgari presented the timepiece to honour the longest serving players and management staff of the team.


Playing on the strength of its creativity, Bulgari presented four current players and 12 member of the New Zealand team with 41.5mm timepieces at a special event. Encased in a box shaped like a rugby ball, the smoked sapphire crystal case back of each piece was customised with the initials of the player (along with their All Blacks number) and complemented with a silver fern leaf — the iconic emblem of the All Blacks.


To balance the strong yet elegant look of the timepiece is a diamond-like carbon coating — created to reflect the sheen of the team's jersey — while the dial features a tattoo like imprint of the Maori mask designed by carver Tana Salzmann.


Text: Vimidamini Haridasan

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