Horology’s new groove: The Bernard Favre Planet watch winder

Horology’s new groove: The Bernard Favre Planet watch winder

Modern motions

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Watchmaker Bernard Favre introduces Planet, the winding system that keeps your timepiece ticking

Those who love their tech — and can't live without it — will be chuffed to discover Planet, the newfangled haute horlogerie accessory that gives your treasured timepieces a leg up in the maintenance department. With a unique winding system that perfectly mimics the motions of the wrist, this innovation is Swiss watchmaker Bernard Favre's foray into the industry with his eponymous label. Specialised in crafting customised carrying cases and display supports for over 18 years, the Planet watch winder is a culmination of mechanics and aesthetics, buoyed by creativity and cutting-edge know-how.

A revolutionary way of upkeeping mechanical timepieces that utilises an exclusively developed two-axis movement, this original creation features a winding stem mounted on a black base, made from anodised aluminium with chromium-plated parts rotating within a reinforced glass shield. An essential for all horophiles and newly-minted owners of ultra-delicate complications, the Planet's motions will keep your watch in sync when it's not worn, thereby eliminating the need for multiple visits to your watchmaker. Available in a medley of metals, this is the space-age bedside (and desktop) companion you never knew you needed.

The Bernard Favre Planet watch winder is available here.