Baume & Mercier launches a diffusion line engineered for the eco-conscious

Baume & Mercier launches a diffusion line engineered for the eco-conscious

Closing the circle

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Meet BAUME, the baby sister to Baume & Mercier that’s re-thinking the manufacturing model for watchmaking

It's design-focused, up-cycled, and gender fluid. A trifecta that can't get more millennial, this is the ethos behind Baume & Mercier's newly inducted diffusion brand. Named simply as BAUME, it ain't no yuppie label-in-the-making as it leverages the experience and insight from the Richemont Group's rich watchmaking heritage to produce timepieces that encourage customers to participate in a design-led global conversation.

Combining an innovation mindset with a commitment to sustainability, BAUME aims to create well-though-out designs using recycled and up-cycled materials while still retaining the utmost standards of quality and craftsmanship. In fact, their manufacturing model is such that waste and excess obsolete stock is eliminated, thanks to a system that prioritises personalisation with an on-demand production, creating a 'best-fit' product meant to last.

BAUME watches

BAUME brand leader Marie Chassot further shares: "We use no animal-based or precious materials and unused components are recycled or re-used. Our interchangeable watchstraps are made from natural, up-cycled or recycled fabrics such as cork, cotton, linen, alcantara and recycled PET. Packaging is kept to a minimum: There is no secondary packaging and only FSC-certified paper and cardboard are used."

And while we tossed out the overused 'M' word two paragraphs ago (you can't deny their credo resonates more with Gen Y crowd), the BAUME individual can fall anywhere on the scale from eco-warriors to designers to horophiles. Satisfying this new school of thought are two debut collections, the Iconic Series and the Custom Timepiece Series: The former is the flagship collection that expresses BAUME's principles of recycling and up-cycling, and the latter is a fully customisable watch with over 2,000 permutations for you to play around with via an online configurator.

Beyond these brand mainstays though, BAUME will also be introducing a limited edition range down the pipeline, which will see collaborations with global partners that are similarly re-thinking the design process. Who says your watch can't save the Earth?

Discover BAUME here.

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