Annoushka turns the age-old idiom of touching wood into a jewellery collection

Annoushka turns the age-old idiom of touching wood into a jewellery collection

Luck is on your side

Text: Angelyn Kwek

The latest edit from Annoushka is one part personal talisman and entirely stunning in its Russian-inspired design

We've all touched wood a time or two before to dispel a bad jinx, but did you know the practice dates back to the Pagan tradition of knocking on trees for blessings? You could even say it's a custom shared across cultures and centuries as each corner of the world has its own version of knocking on wood — and it's this collective belief that birthed Annoushka's new Touch Wood collection.

Believing that fortune plays a significant part in our lives (and you could never have too much of it), each piece of the collection acts as a personal talisman, with its designs drawn from the brand founder's childhood memories travelling the vast Russian landscapes with her mother searching for Russian quarter horses. Inspired by the wooden churches outside Moscow where the onion domes and distinctive spires juxtapose extraordinary forms and refined carvings, the Touch Wood edit recreates the uniquely Russian architecture in ebony, diamonds and 18K gold.

Rich wood features in every piece, accented by aquamarine and prehnite stones to reflect the classic buildings of Russia. Crafted in Annoushka's signature textured gold, the rings, pendants and earrings all contain ebony, so that the wearer will always be 'touching wood'. Further adding to the allure of the collection, charms and tassels give the pieces a touch of glamour, allowing the wearer to slip them on creatively by layering the jewellery on a long chin or slung together on a bracelet. And in tying the beauty of Russia with the act of touching wood, Annoushka celebrates a part of her identity as she shares: "My mother always wore a wooden ring that she would instinctively touch in moments of uncertainty, and this sense of comfort is something I have sought to capture with this collection."

The Annoushka Touch Wood collection is available online.