Annoushka's Seafood charms are an absolute feast

Annoushka's Seafood charms are an absolute feast

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Text: Clara Tan

British jewellery brand Annoushka releases three new Seafood charms that are enough to feed our bijoux collection

Ever wish you could take home that delicious seafood platter from last night's dinner? Well, now you kinda can with Annoushka's latest charms that celebrate the creatures of the ocean — except they're not meant to go in your tummy. Instead, adorn them by wearing it however you want. The bijoux were designed without a chain so they can sit pretty at different parts of your body; be it as a necklace on your neck, added to a charm bracelet on your wrist or just even layered with existing pendants to create an extra sparkle.annoushka-seafoodDelicately hand-set with sapphires, allow the precious charms to glisten under sunlight as they move elegantly in tandem with your footsteps, whether it's the moving tail of the Lobster or the flexibility of the Fish. With this genius creation, we call Annoushka captain of the sea.

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The Annoushka Seafood charms are available online.