Put a ring on it with the Crown collection by Annoushka

Put a ring on it with the Crown collection by Annoushka

Rule the world

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Annoushka ups the stacking trend with its new Crown rings

The automatic association to a semi-biopic Netflix series of a certain monarch aside, the Crown is the latest collection of stacking rings from Annoushka that'll have girls running the world. Worn like a powerful symbol of femininity, this is a fresh incarnation of the signet ring with five crown-shaped bands of gold and diamonds, designed with a lace-inspired edge that's not only exquisite in its intricate delicacy, it allows the bands to interlink perfectly.

Annoushka Crown collection

Playing a mean game of jewellery stacking, the fit of the Crown collection is such that the pieces practically become a new, unique ring once slipped atop each other. Besides sporting it individually, transformative stacking combinations include entwining the bands with the lace edges coming together like a set of pretty teeth, and our personal favourite — wearing the Crown rings back-to-back for a bold look and feel. This is one to suit your mood, style and personality however and whenever you want it, gorgeous to a fault and completely precious. How's that for girl power?

Annoushka Crown collection

The Annoushka Crown collection is available at the Hong Kong boutique and online.

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