Written in whimsy: The Annoushka Chain Letters collection

Written in whimsy: The Annoushka Chain Letters collection

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

Made-to-order jewellery gets a heartfelt, handwritten treatment with the Chain Letters collection by Annoushka

If you're in agreement that calligraphy and fine jewellery goes hand-in-hand, then Annoushka's new Chain Letters collection will have you spinning pretty phrases for days. Inspired by the designer's re-discovery of her love for letter writing, this is fine jewellery touched with the whimsy and charm of a cherished handwritten memo. Beautifully penned in Annoushka's own hand, the collection has a fully-fledged alphabet, allowing one to personalise a necklace or bracelet with any name, nickname or a meaningful turn of phrase.

Annoushka Chain Letters collection

Cast in cursive with 18K yellow gold and embellished with glittering stones, each piece of Chain Letters is specially designed to reflect the romantic nature of slow communication. "I wanted to find a way to capture this through jewellery, so I set about making turning my own signature into a necklace, and the full handwritten alphabet came quickly from there into a fully customisable 'font' of jewellery, ready for the wearer to write whatever their heart desires," expressed Annoushka.

And if you just so happen to be Candy with a 'K' or Jennifer with a 'G', you'd finally be able to have your unique name scripted in gold and diamonds the way it's supposed to be.


The Annoushka Chainletters collection is available here.

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