Meet the subversive timepiece of the future, the Urwerk TimeHunter X-Ray

Meet the subversive timepiece of the future, the Urwerk TimeHunter X-Ray

Intelligent mechanics

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Sick of losing time? Want to always be in sync? Let us introduce you to the Urwerk TimeHunter X-Ray

We all know (and hate) that lack of wear causes our mechanical wristwatches to go out of sync. But this is soon a problem of the past with the Urwerk TimeHunter X-Ray: A purely mechanical watch made perfectly accurate with a cleverly designed electrical module by the award-winning Swiss watch manufacture.

With a moniker like TimeHunter, expect an unorthodox futuristic exterior sporting an easy read-off with a black central dial for the hours and minutes, contrasted by a pair of white Superluminova-coated hands for maximum visibility. A rotating disc perched at 1 o'clock reveals the seconds and is counterbalanced at 7 o'clock with a power reserve indicator. But what's unique about this Urwerk timepiece is the red EMC gauge at 10 o'clock that shows the rate of the performance indicator and the on-demand balance amplitude that irrevocably links the wearer to the watch. What this does is to put the power of controlling the TimeHunter's precision in the hands of the user, a feat made possible with a purposefully developed, unique balance-wheel and twin mainspring barrels to provide a constant power source — intricacies that are all discernible once you flip to the transparent sapphire crystal caseback, hence the 'X-Ray' in its name.

Urwerk TimeHunter X-Ray

An intuitive and interactive timepiece that lets the wearer monitor the watch's performance, the TimeHunter can be adjusted down to the second with a simple press of a button anytime it remotely goes out of sync. Highly adaptable to changing environments and all forms of lifestyles, the Urwerk TimeHunter X-Ray is the new frontier of horology and the badass wristwatch you need to get a piece of.

The Urwerk TimeHunter X-Ray is available at The Hour Glass. Limited to 15 pieces.