3 reasons why you should invest in a travel watch case

3 reasons why you should invest in a travel watch case

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

You know, besides the obvious reason that your watch is an expensive heirloom

You can tell a lot about a person from their watch, what with luxury timepieces going beyond telling time to being representatives of status and lifestyles in this day and age. Equal parts trophy and heirloom symbols, any number of watches you've bought over the years are certainly memorable pieces — like the one from your first paycheck or your wedding anniversary watch — which you'd definitely want to hold on to.

It also goes without saying that your timepiece goes wherever you go, so if you're a serial globetrotter living it up overseas by travelling along with a few of your favourite watches (because everyone needs options), then you best pack your bags with a travel watch case or two. These often-overlooked accessories are as much an investment piece as your Richard Milles and Ulysse Nardins to keep your prized possessions from being tossed about willy-nilly during rough transits. And if you need further convincing, here are three reasons why travel watch cases are essential to storing your prized possessions:

1. Protection
The best watch cases are specifically designed to prevent any nasty spills, gathering dust particles and extreme temperatures from ruining your valued timepieces. Made with luxurious materials such as high-grade leather and plush cushioned interiors for additional padding to guard from dings and scratches, these travel watch cases not only function to keep your timepieces in tip-top condition, they also double as a style statement you want to be seen toting around.

2. Organisation
Hands up if packing for a trip is a nightmare you put off to the last possible minute. If you're the kind who needs a checklist for your checklists, having a travel watch case will be one less thing to worry about when you go away on holiday. From compact carry-on versions that store up to two or three, and even bigger cases that let the decision-dilemma packer bring up to eight watches, these travel cases ensure you don't forget your favourite timepieces. Plus they'll sit all lined up for easy viewing and choosing. Too easy.

3. Exhibition
Just like how fine jewellery always needs a storage box — for safekeeping and display purposes — your watches necessitate the same kind of care and attention. After all, these are opulent cutting-edge haute horlogerie boasting an artisanal value along the lines of art masterpieces, so why wouldn't you want to show them off? Rather than hacking a DIY shelf for your collection, travel watch cases are easily the most attractive way of flaunting your stockpile of luxe timepieces for all and sundry. This is preservation and presentation sorted.

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