Tissot's men’s watch collection has something for every modern guy

Tissot's men’s watch collection has something for every modern guy

Men of the Hour

Text: Celine Yap

If it isn't Christmas today, it's Valentine's tomorrow. Then birthdays and anniversaries all year round... No matter the occasion, watches are the best things you could gift a guy. We've said it before, and we'll say it again. Even if the phone is all he uses, sartorially speaking, a well chosen timepiece always adds that final touch of class.

Which begs the question: How do we choose a watch for someone? Where do we even begin?

This festive season, let Tissot give you a few pointers. With an extra wide range of designs, features and functions, there's a Tissot watch for every kind of guy. And who knows, maybe you will find the perfect gift to be cherished forever. After all, beautiful timepieces never go out of style.

Here are five questions to ask whenever you're on the lookout for a watch.


Question 1: Is he a sharp dresser?

Watches are a direct extension of our sense of style. Guys who work in finance and law for instance are typically dressed in suits or formal wear. So it will be most practical for them to be wristed with elegant yet masculine watches such as the Tissot Gentleman or the Tissot Carson. Touches of gold accentuate the piece and add some gravitas to the whole look.


Question 2: Does he prefer understated luxury?

Some guys are just not into loud designs. Maybe he likes being practical and appreciates time-honoured values. If so, watches like the Tissot Chemin des Tourelles and the Tissot Le Locle will suit him to a T. These collections are deeply inspired by the brand's rich and storied history, and thus are two of its all-time best sellers.


Question 3: Maybe he's an old soul?

Notice how frequently he ogles at vintage cars and old music records, antiques and historical tchotchkes? He might be an old soul. Guys like him are sensitive to design cues of yesteryears so timepieces from the Tissot Heritage collection will definitely catch his eye. Consider the new Heritage Visodate and Heritage Porto.


Question 4: Does he love sports?

Guys with an active lifestyle need a watch that's just as athletic. That's watch-speak for oversized, shock-protected, scratch-resistant and comfortable ergonomic timepieces. As a matter of fact, sports is a natural arena for Tissot, so there are options galore. Watches like the T-Race Swissmatic, T-Race MotoGP or the Tissot Alpine On Board timepieces won't disappoint.


Question 5: Is he a watch guy?

If the answer is yes, you're simultaneously screwed and saved. Because even though he definitely likes watches in general, he should be very selective of the types he will wear. That said, you won't go wrong with something like the Seastar 1000 Powermatic 80 Silicium. A reliable daily beater, it has a state-of-the-art silicon balance spring, dive-worthy 300m water resistance, and extra-long 80-hour power reserve.


If all else fails: Think "stylish urbanite"

City dwellers like us are always tuned towards the next big thing. Dad sneakers, nano bags, Supreme collabs... So it makes perfect sense that our watches are stylish yet versatile. Tissot's latest Chrono XL is dressed in harmonious colours like khaki green, beige, and navy blue so we can expect lots of mileage from these pieces.


There you go, the smart girl's guide to finding the perfect timepiece for every modern guy. Browse the full collection for him and her on the Tissot website here.