5 modern avant-garde wedding bands for men

Gents, you now have options

5 modern avant-garde wedding bands for men
Say ‘I do’ in style with these alternative wedding bands that’ll make the minister do a double take

If you're going to do the whole 'till death do us part' thing, then you might as well do it with aplomb by commemorating your holy matrimony in stylish flair with a wedding band that's yards away from atypical. In fact, men's rings in the marriage market have expanded way beyond the traditional golds and silvers to include ultra-modern materials you probably wouldn't have fathomed as feasible. Besides the wow factor, these newfangled wedding bands boast additional pros such as upgraded durability and a price tag with better bank account mileage. Prospective husbands-to-be, here's what you need to know.

1. Tungsten
Yes, it's the very same substance found inside the incandescent lightbulb. Bet Thomas Edison didn't foresee the material in his famous invention appropriated into a wedding ring over a hundred years later. A metal that's originally silver-hued, tungsten rings can span the scale from mirror polish to grey and even jetblack depending on your preferred finish. Hypoallergenic and harder than gold and silver, you can put your 'I'm going to dent my wedding ring' worries to rest if you work a lot with your hands. 

Alternative wedding rings for men

2. Teakwood
A wedding or engagement band made from wood doesn't sound the most appealing but we're just as surprised as you are when we laid eyes on the finished product. Handmade by a company in Chicago that specialises in reclaiming teak from salvaged old furniture, each ring is moulded from a single piece of recovered teakwood and reinforced with birch and non-toxic industrial strength adhesive to give it hardiness and contrast. Dubbed 'incorruptible', this unique ring is eco-conscious jewellery your inner hippie will totally approve of.

Alternative wedding rings for men

3. Cobalt
The tougher cousin to platinum, cobalt is four times harder and its bright white appearance alludes to a cool blue tinge that's unique to the metal. Initially purposed for use in the field of aerospace engineering, it has become popular for fine bridal jewellery in recent years due to its lifelong durability and hypoallergenic qualities. Another benefit of cobalt is the easy resizing if you happen to outgrow your ring size several years down the road. Also, they're fairly weighty which works out for those who want their wedding rings with some heft.

Alternative wedding rings for men

4. Titanium
Your geeky groomsmen can be forgiven if they assume your titanium wedding band was forged in the fires of Mount Doom, especially if you go with material salvaged from the ejector nozzle of the SR-71 Blackbird, America's first ever stealth jet. Specially crafted by an independent artisan and lined on the inside with reclaimed wood from the decks of the USS North Carolina (an honest-to-god warship) this is the most masculine and all-around 'tough as nails' version of a titanium ring yet. It's so badass, Sauron's got nothing on it.

Alternative wedding rings for men

5. Rubber
Probably the least sexy material here, if someone had suggested rubber for your wedding ring, you'd probably have mentally written him or her off the invite list. But shelve your skepticism because Qalo rubber wedding bands are legit. Created by a married couple whose lack of functional wedding rings hindered their active lifestyle, the rubber band (pun intended) was thus born to withstand the heavy friction produced by daily active wear. Made from medical grade silicone, this practically apocalypse-proof ring means the sky is the limit if you're planning to say your vows underwater, atop Mount Everest or on the moon.

Alternative wedding rings for men


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Text: Angelyn Kwek

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