MB&F raises the bar with the new Horological Machine N°8 Can-Am

The spirit of Can-Am

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Inspired by the '60s era of prestige sports car racing, MB&F unleashes a new super powered engine dubbed the Horological Machine N°8 Can-Am

Your boyhood dream of being a racecar driver takes on a haute horlogerie twist as MB&F zooms onto the scene with the new Horological Machine N°8 Can-Am — also known as the HM8 — that combines the best of both fields. Replete with an out-of-this-world silhouette that takes after the chassis of the supercars that dominated the prominent Canada-American (Can-Am) Challenge Cup from the '60s to the late '80s, this powerhouse of a watch embodies the cutting-edge and innovative spirit of the competition.

MB&F Horological Machine No.8 Can-Am

Built upon two of MB&F's most distinctive machines, the HM5 and HMX, the avant-garde HM8 is a visual extravagance with its rounded yet angular form and the maison's iconic 'battle axe' winding rotor fronting the piece. Encased entirely in practically transparent sapphire crystal reinforced with Can-Am inspired titanium 'roll bars' along the sides and down its back for a reflective gleam, the imposing design speaks volumes beyond its immediate eye catching aesthetics. Wielding a three-dimensional engine conceived and developed by MB&F from a Girard Perregaux base calibre, the HM8's open centre lends a view into the movement and its detailed circular wave finish, with the hour and minutes indication discs visible in the corners.

MB&F Horological Machine No.8 Can-Am

MB&F Horological Machine No.8 Can-Am

An utterly unique configuration, the timepiece also features dual optical prisms that sit vertically to display the bi-directional jumping hours and trailing minutes in mimicry of a car's dashboard, shielded by sapphire crystal prisms that magnify the numerals for maximum legibility. An added benefit to this irreverently rebellious design is a read-off capability that doesn't require your wrist leaving the steering wheel — a key element in a first-class driver's watch.

Sculpted from start to end as part watch and part supercar, the HM8 is a solid amplification of form and function backed by a 42-hour power reserve. High-octane machine perfection, MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser couldn't have said it better: "I feel that this is one of the coolest pieces I've ever created."

MB&F Horological Machine No.8 Can-Am

The MB&F Horological Machine N°8 Can-Am is available at authorised retailer L'Atelier by The Hour Glass at Ion Orchard.