The watches to get you through the year-end festivities

The watches to get you through the year-end festivities

Happy hour

Text: Karishma Tulsidas

Santa Claus is coming to town, and he brings with him a bunch of social commitments that we could all do without: that dreaded office party, that awkward secret Santa shindig with a bunch of friend's friends... Sure, you could decline and stay home to watch Netflix, but it would just make you seem like the Grinch of the group. Plus, free alcohol. Why would you say no?

To make the social gathering a little more bearable, these timepieces are not just gorgeous conversation-starters, but we guarantee that they'll brighten your mood as well.

Office Party

The key to avoiding small talk with Dan from accounting is to blend in - with the wallpaper, that it. Act the part of the wallflower with a nondescript LBD, minimal jewellery and a discreet timepiece. Black like our hearts, their monochrome exterior belies their complexity and state-of-the-art mechanics ticking within.

Secret Santa

Okay, you got the name of the one person you didn't know at the party. Doesn't matter, nothing a Takashimaya gift voucher can't fix. Now, if you're going to be receiving a gift from your secret Santa with grace and style, you'll need to bring your wrist A-game. Bring out the bling guys - these diamond-studded pieces will look amazing on Instagram.

Christmas with the Family

There's nothing better than spending time with family, until the questions start: "Why don't you have a boyfriend?" "When are you getting married?" "How much are you earning?" Since you'll be spending a lot of time looking down at your plate full of turkey, better make it a gorgeous view: an artistic timepiece that's a mini tableau featuring diverse metiers d'art techniques. 



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