Video exclusive: The new Carrie K Fearless armour ring

Video exclusive: The new Carrie K Fearless armour ring

Get some backbone

Text: Norman Tan

Video: Justin Chen

Carolyn Kan explains the personal journey and inspiration behind her latest fine jewellery creation

"Look at those eyes," gushes jeweller Carolyn Kan. "How can you say 'No' to such a gorgeous face."

I'm in Kan's atelier. A gem of a shophouse blessed with natural light streaming in from a whitewashed courtyard. And surprisingly, given that we're on bustling Bukit Timah Road, it's peacefully quiet. I break into a smile. "Aw, look at that face, isn't he beautiful?" Kan effuses, stroking Timone, her affectionate Schnauzer who's decided to plant his chin on my lap and flash me some serious puppy eyes. "Irresistible," I concur. Pumba, her other Schnauzer, is now nipping at my heels. Kan starts laughing: "If you want to feel like a rock star, get a dog. They just shower love."

We could sit and talk for hours, but in her gregarious manner, she shoos Timone and Pumba away and proudly shows me her latest creation: the Fearless armour ring. "I left a successful career in advertising to start this jewellery business back in 2009," she tells me. "Honestly, I was scared. But pursuing your dreams always requires a measure of courage. You have to be fearless in a way. When I think of that word, I picture a backbone. So it was that idea, that visual image, which really inspired my latest creation."

Watch our exclusive video interview for take a closer look at the Carrie K Fearless ring. And yes, Timone and Pumba make a welcome guest appearance.