The 10 Cs of your dream wedding solitaire from Damiani

The 10 Cs of your dream wedding solitaire from Damiani

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Text: Bianca Husodo

Crafting nonpareil wedding solitaires is the daily grind for the Italian luxury jeweller. Find out the 10 secrets to the unrivalled beauty of every Damiani diamond

Italian luxury jeweller Damiani has been immortalising promises into solitaires for nearly ten decades. Founded by Enrico Grassi Damiani  who crafted one-of-a-kind solitaires that seal undying promises between Valenza's princes and princesses — the jewellery brand understands the bond between the timeless, iconic diamond and the heart, home of the deepest feelings. Here are the ten Cs that make up a Damiani solitaire that you'll want to wear for eternity:

1. Carat
A diamond carat is the indication of its weight — a fundamental element to rate it. Damiani offers a vast choice amongst infinite carats.

2. Cut
The cut of the gem from raw to finished gives a unique brilliance to a diamond. The maison exclusively works on diamonds with high parameters of cut, proportion and symmetry.

3. Colour
Among the high range of colours, Damiani selects only the best quality for an absolute chromatic excellence.

4. Clarity
A diamond makes the cut through these four customary elements, but what distinguishes a Damiani diamond from any other diamond? Extraordinary manual skill applied at every stage of design and workmanship. Purely handmade by world-class artisans.

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5. Craftsmanship
Excellence and eternity are what Italian jeweller Damiani have in mind when crafting the ring that represents life-long unity between a man and a woman. Every single jewel is made by the work of a craftsman's hand in the heart of Valenza, the most salient Italian jewellery centre. Utmost intricacy of the design is applied to rare stones — each one a jewellery masterpiece that guarantees the perfect fit.

6. Custom-made
"Custom-made, like an haute couture dress", Silvia Damiani, vice president of the Damiani group, proclaims. Each jewelled masterpiece is unique but Damiani goes the extra mile by giving you the chance to personalise it through etching your loved one's name, a significant date or a line of dedicated thought on the diamond girdle. 

7. Certificate
Along with the standard international certificate that lists the hallmarks of each Damiani gem, the maison carves the number of the certificate itself on the diamond — ensuring an absolute and timeless value. Certified forever after.

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8. Change option guarantee
The value of a Damiani solitaire transcends time, just like the sacred promise of love itself. They're eternal. Reaching a certain milestone, renewing said promise along with its symbol might be necessary. Damiani allows your solitaire to be replaced with one of a higher value, thus acquiring a new emblematic meaning — signifying the reinvigoration of your bond.

9. Coverage
Exclusive insurance service against robbery is offered so your jewel can be worn worry-free, all day, every day.

10. Company
The story of a family with an all-Italian passion lies at the core of Damiani. With beginnings as a small-scale project, it has now turned a craft trade into an enterprise. The Damiani lineage leads the company, and at the heart of it lies the love for an art that has been handed down over three generations. With creativity and quality at helm, a Damiani jewel can never be mistaken for.

Damiani boutiques are located at #01-10, Scotts Square and #B2-79, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.