Should you leave your gold jewellery at home when at the beach?

Should you leave your gold jewellery at home when at the beach?

In one word: no

Text: Karishma Tulsidas

As a wise man once said, life's a beach. And when the good times roll, we want to keep our worries at bay, and least of all be concerned about ruining or losing the jewellery we're wearing as we frolic on the beach. Put your mind to ease with these simple commandments before you head off to your next beach vacay.




Can I wear jewellery on the beach?
Absolutely. Bear in mind though, that sand is abrasive and will easily scratch gold-plated jewellery. Anything real, like 18K white and yellow gold or platinum, will be resilient and won't be tarnished. Avoid rose gold, as it contains high levels of copper that might decompose in sea salt air.

What about my diamonds?
Relax, nothing will happen to your diamonds. When it comes to gemstones, however, those that are lower on the Mohs scale should be handled with care, for the simple reason that they can be scratched or damaged easily.

Coral and turquoise are just the perfect beach colours, but unfortunately, they're susceptible to damage if they're overexposed to sea salt and air. Shame. 

Clutch my pearls, or not?
They might come from the depths of the ocean, but it's best to keep your pearls away from the beach, or any body of water, for that matter. Chlorine will ruin the lustre of your pearls, while water might damage the silk thread that strands your pearls together.




Are there any jewels that I should not wear?
Since our skin shrinks in cold water, it's easy to lose items such as rings once we get into the water. As a rule of thumb, leave the expensive rings at home and pile on the bracelets and necklaces.

What about sunblock lotion?
If it's safe enough for your skin, it's safe enough for your jewellery. Of course, don't slather the lotion on your baubles, but should a little bit get on your necklace, nothing will happen.




Right, so now I can relax.
Not quite. Do wash your jewellery gently with water and soap after your day at the beach to remove the sand debris and water that can cause tarnishing. Now we're done. 


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