The secret to keeping new year resolutions? A reward system, in the form of a new watch

The secret to keeping new year resolutions? A reward system, in the form of a new watch

A better 2019

Text: Karishma Tulsidas

Hublot Big Bang One Click Sapphire

Resolution no 1: Work out more
Scientists claim that it takes 66 days to form a new habit - this means that we need to exercise incredible willpower for at least three months before our bodies start craving that adrenaline rush we get from working out. Let's be honest - we ain't got the self discipline for that. What works better on us is a system of rewards: attend four F45 classes in a week, and treat ourselves with a decadent afternoon tea at Violet Oon.

Manage to reach those 66 days? Food just won't cut it the way the Hublot Big Bang One Click Sapphire does. The watch is entirely constructed of sapphire crystal, a notoriously difficult material to work with as it's virtually indestructible. There's nothing like an arduously- constructed timepiece to embody the challenges you've faced.

Breguet Reine de Naples

Resolution no 2: Learn a new skill
If you've been procrastinating about learning how to code or picking up archery, this Breguet Reine de Naples will surely get you to the classroom, asap. Inspired by the 1810 timepiece that Abraham-Louis Breguet had created for the Queen of Naples, Caroline Murat, the watch is recognised for its distinctive egg-like shape, round lugs and crown at 4 o'clock. This version is an astounding exemplar of the watch's enduring timelessness, thanks to the Tahitian mother-of-pearl dial and moon phase indicator at 12. A seconds counter overlaps with the main hour and minute subdial, while a power reserve indicator lets you know when the 40 hours of autonomy are up.

Tudor Black Bay GMT

Resolution no 3: Explore a new country
You're hankering for a break, and you know you'll get the required sun, sea, and respite at your favourite villa in Ubud. As your hand hovers over the mouse to book your flight, imagine your wrist outfitted with the ultra-cool Tudor Black Bay GMT. That's right, reward yourself for going out of your comfort zone and exploring a new country. Not a bad deal at all.

The Black Bay re-emerged from the depths of Tudor's archives in 2012, inspired by a diving watch from the 1950s. It single-handedly swiped Tudor away from the shadow of its big brother Rolex, and cemented its status as a bona fide collectible brand on its own merit. The GMT version, launched in 2018, is just the addition that the collection needed, as travelling has become such an intrinsic part of our lives. It helps, too, that the timepiece comes with the iconic Pepsi bezel that simply ups its lust factor.

Chopard LUC XPS Twist of QP Fairmined

Resolution no 4: Cut down your plastic usage
Hands up if you watched A Plastic Ocean and immediately resolved to ban straws from your life. That is, until you went to a hawker centre and ordered a teh peng that came in a plastic bag with a straw, and well, refusing it would just be counterproductive, right? Cutting plastic from your life takes a lot of initiative, foresight and imagination. To help you remember to carry your metal straw wherever you go, the vision of the Chopard LUC XPS Twist of QP Fairmined, made from Fairmined gold, will surely keep you motivated. Chopard embarked on its own sustainable journey a few years ago, and reached a milestone in 2018 when it announced that all its products would be made of Fairmined gold. That its ethics are peerlessly matched by striking aesthetics and technical brilliance is simply the cherry on the cake.