The power of green gemstones

The power of green gemstones

Make 2019 great again

Text: Karishma Tulsidas

Many people strongly believe that the stones you wear have an impact on your life - the theory is rooted in the fact that gemstones are created in nature's cradle, and are worn close to the skin. They vibrate at different energies and are allegedly linked to our emotions.

Whether you believe in the healing prowess of stones or not, we can't deny that after the shit-show that 2018 has been (c'mon UK, is Brexit happening or not?), we're willing to try anything to make 2019 a tad better. And if the answer lies in wearing a precious stone that has the power to heal - sign us up.

Associated with hope and renewal, green gemstones have several positive properties that can be harnessed. If you're unsure of where to start, here's a guide to the different green gemstones you can wear: 

A Tiffany & Co emerald ring

For hope: emeralds

Think of a green gemstone, and emeralds will probably pop into your mind. From the beryl family, emeralds have been around for centuries; in fact, they were worn during Egyptian times as protective amulets. Today, in the spiritual circles, emeralds are known as the "stone of successful love", and symbolise hope, renewal and personal growth.

In terms of value, prices have risen stratospherically in recent years, especially for unheated ones from Colombia. While you'd look for an impurity-free diamond, it's the opposite for emeralds: the inclusions give it character (and sometimes up the value). 

A Tiffany & Co green tsavorite ring

For healing: Tsavorite garnets

The garnet family produces a range of rainbow-like colours. One of the rarer varieties is the tsavorite garnet, an intense green stone that was only discovered in the 1960s. Interestingly, it was Tiffany & Co that popularised the stone in jewellery, and named it in honour of the Tsavo East National Park in Kenya, where it was found. It is often used as healing stone that can help a person get over a trauma. 

A Chaumet Link bracelet in malachite

For protection: Malachite

Malachite is one of the earliest gemstones to have been discovered, and was popular for decorating diverse objets d'art. The beauty lies in the vivid green hue of the stone, and the luscious swirling pattern that adorns its body - because no two gemstones are alike, each piece of malachite is unique. Adding to this aesthetic appeal is the fact that it allegedly wards off negativity, and protects your creative spirit.

Different shades of green tourmalines on this Tiffany & Co pendant

For positivity: Green tourmalines

One of the most common variants from the tourmaline family, green ones are loved for their spectacular range of hues, as they can take on different shades of green. They're found in many countries and aren't as rare as some other tourmalines, but are appreciated for the fact that they're also often used to inspire positivity and relieve stress. 

A Van Cleef & Arpels dog brooch with a peridot

For happiness: Peridot

What's interesting about peridot is that it comes in only one colour - olive-green. It can sometimes be mistaken for an emerald, and legend has it that even Cleopatra was fooled by its similar green hue. For its joyful colour, it represents happiness, abundance and prosperity.