Get to know Pippa Small, the eponymous jewellery brand that empowers women and changes lives

Get to know Pippa Small, the eponymous jewellery brand that empowers women and changes lives

Good things come in Small packages

Text: Milena Lazazzera

A unique way to design jewellery that empowers local South East Asian communities

Pippa Small believes that jewellery can empower women and change lives. This belief is the founding principle of her unique way of designing jewellery, at the heart of which there are women from local disadvantaged communities of South East Asia and Latin America.

As a trained anthropologist, Small has a long-standing collaboration with arts charity Turquoise Mountain, which operates in Myanmar, Burma and Afghanistan to create jobs and boost the local economy.

Precious stones from Mogok, Myanmar are all sustainably locally sourced and selected from local all-female markets. The rich iconographic motifs and patterns of South East Asian aesthetics provide inspiration for the designs, which highlight the beauty of rough-hewn diamonds, deep blue turquoise or multifaceted mother of pearl framed in fairmined gold.


In crafting jewellery, Small has revived traditional designs and techniques that would have otherwise been lost forever. "Reviving traditional jewellery techniques makes women in my atelier in South East Asia proud and empowers them," she says. It is an energy that exudes from the jewellery that feature a refreshingly modern bohemian aesthetics.

The Turquoise Mountain collection, for instance, instils awe not only for the subdued contemporary elegance of ancient afghan patterns, but also for the bravery of Ms Small who unremittingly worked with local jewellers in Kabul amidst turbulent times.


Pippa also likes empowering young local talent too. For the new Burma collection, inspired by the Buddhist temples and the offerings of flowers outside them, she partnered with a young artist from Mandalay. Together they created flowing curtains of flowers on hoop earrings, rings and necklaces in homage to these offerings. The collection features a rare 30 million year old fossilised tropical hardwood from the Upper Irradwaddy River valley.

Beside Pippa Small's flagship stores in London and Los Angeles, her jewellery is also available at Edit Lifestyle at Tanglin Mall in Singapore and on Net-a-porter.

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