Model and actress Lin Chi-Ling is now focusing on charity work

Model and actress Lin Chi-Ling is now focusing on charity work

Time to give back

Text: Karishma Tulsidas

The gorgeous, how-is-she-43 Lin Chi-Ling was recently in Singapore to commemorate the opening of Longines' swanky new boutique at Wisma Atria. We had a chat with the model turned actress, now philanthropist. 

What first drew you to acting?
It is very adventurous, and I like that it allows me to explore aspects of myself. That's why I switched from modelling to acting.

You only do one or two movies a year - how do you choose the roles that resonate with you?
I like to take on challenging things - so anything that's inspiring or appealing to me, in terms of the script or cast.

Is there any genre you'd like to explore?
I think I have been extremely fortunate in this area, but I am not very ambitious in terms of movies anymore. I would definitely like to focus on my charity work.

Tell us more about that.
I established my charity foundation (Chiling Charity Foundation) in 2011. It focuses on children's education and medication. We have about 10 dormitories in China, in very remote areas. Before, the children would have to walk about three hours to go to school. You cannot imagine the environment there, so I am very happy that the dormitories are working, and give shelter to the kids, so they can be safe and stay in school.

What are the future plans for your foundation?
I would like to expand my charity and open more dormitories. But I would need more support from society. Because once you start, you feel like you're just tiny - my strength is not enough, so I need help from everybody. I would like to accumulate all the efforts and achieve something.

If you had one extra hour in the day, what would you do?
I would spend time with family. Time really flies, and I want to spend more time with my parents.

You took two months off earlier this year - why was it important for you to get this time off?
Actually, I didn't have the choice. I was extremely busy, and my immune system somehow didn't cope very well, so I needed the time to heal myself. It's a lesson for myself, as we should always find time for ourselves and take time off. You need to have the power within you, so you can help others.