Conscious jewellery: Diamonds made in Singapore shine in eco-friendly French jewellery

Conscious jewellery: Diamonds made in Singapore shine in eco-friendly French jewellery

Innocent by name, Innocent by nature

Text: Milena Lazazzera


Innocent Stone is a new eco-friendly jewellery collection featuring man-made diamonds from Singapore

Did you know that Singapore is home to one of the few handful companies producing diamonds grown in laboratories? And what's more, they are fit for fine jewellery too.

Thanks to its innovative process called Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition, different from the chemical vapor deposition and the high temperature high pressure, normally used to produce synthetic rocks, 2a Technologies is able to produce diamonds grown in laboratories, which, beyond being employed for industrial usage, shine in jewellery creations by innovative and eco-conscious designers.

Innocent Stone

Impressed by the quality of man-made diamonds and convinced of their ethical and environmental benefits, Stéphane Wulwik decides to abandon his lucrative career in the diamond trade to create Innocent Stone, a 100 per cent eco-friendly brand which features 2a Technologies lab-grown diamonds, among other man-made rocks.

"What is fascinating about lab-grown diamonds is that human genius has been able to re-produce exactly the same conditions the earth requires to produce diamonds," says Mr Wulwik, who hopes that more and more brands will adopt these types of diamonds to be able to offer choice to their consumers. "When we buy a car we are offered choices as far as the motor is concerned — hybrid, electric, or classic fuel one. It should be the same for diamonds, natural or man-made."

Innocent Stone

Innocent Stone has an eco-friendly vocation that goes beyond the employment of lab-grown diamonds. The sleek creations playing with geometrical shapes are crafted from recycled gold and are elegantly packaged in recycled cardboard and paper.

Moreover, Mr Wulwik collaborates with a roster of like-minded creative people to create capsule collections. Philanthropic French brand Twin for Peace, has co-designed a collection of jewellery available in white, yellow and pink gold themed around a succession of three circular diamonds.

Innocent by name and nature, Innocent Stone is slowly but surely planting the seeds of a movement for change, that is also powered also by Singaporean 2a Technologies.

Innocent Stone is available exclusively online and delivers worldwide.