Tiffany T smile: The new necklace that will leave you beaming

Tiffany T smile: The new necklace that will leave you beaming

C'mon, get happy

Text: Norman Tan

Image: Tiffany & Co

Modern, elegant and playful, the Tiffany T smile pendant has us grinning from ear to ear

Fine jewellery is enjoying a blissful resurgence. It's not that precious metals were ever out of vogue per se, but for a period of time (when Bieber was still singing about babies and Nicki Minaj was spitting about Starships), gold was seen as somewhat ostentatious.

But how times have changed.

Now stacked on wrists, adorned on fingers, and layered on necklines, the artful accessorising of fine jewellery — by fashion editors and style icons the world over — floods our daily Instagram feeds. It's personal style with a Midas touch. Which is why we are coveting the new Tiffany T smile pendant.

An extension of the Tiffany T collection introduced last year by Francesca Amfitheatrof, Tiffany & Co’s design director, it boasts pure and modern lines that make it highly versatile (perfect with T-shirts and dresses alike), while playing with angles and curves to radiate a delicate confidence. And check out those grilles: White diamonds set in 18 carat rose, yellow or white gold act as glistening teeth to accentuate its bright, toothy smile.

Wear it individually as your daily necklace or mix-and-match it with the Tiffany T smile mini pendant for added impact.