National Day 2019: These home-grown jewellers keep surprising us with their limitless creativity

National Day 2019: These home-grown jewellers keep surprising us with their limitless creativity

Singapore Style

Text: Celine Yap

When designers let culture, nature and fashion trends provide the inspiration

What does it mean to create a Singapore inspired jewellery collection? How does one go about it believably? In the lead-up to National Day, brands and companies find all sorts of reasons to create a Singapore special edition – some of them are brilliant but others, decidedly less so. When it comes to jewellery design, it gets exponentially more difficult because, let's face it, Merlion on a diamond ring or gold necklace just doesn't sound like the best idea.

That's why we're completely rapt whenever local jewellers shore up ever more remarkable ways to honour our Little Red Dot.

Poh Heng jewellery delivers a collection that's modern with just the right amount of tradition

Poh Heng: A Hit of Nostalgia

So many of us grew up with this home-grown jewellery brand that's practically a household name in Singapore. Poh Heng is a company with over 70 years of glorious heritage. It's so heartening to see the brand grow with the times, evolving as our tastes evolve, and staying relevant from decade to decade.

The Poh Heng Legacy collection is launched this year to coincide with National Day, sharing Singapore's rich Peranakan heritage with all Singaporeans. Designed by its very first in-house Singaporean designer, the pieces are inspired by beautiful Peranakan ceramic tiles. Whether worn singly or in a row, this cherished motif is updated with a mix of yellow and white gold, plus a sprinkling of diamonds.

We truly appreciate how Poh Heng has made something so traditional look so contemporary and utterly relevant. Look at it from different angles to see the fine details of its architecture.


The Mindful Company: Nature Leads the Way

Paying homage to Singapore doesn't always have to come from national symbols like the Merlion or the Singapore flag or the Marina Bay Sands. Sometimes looking directly at our own backyard will yield unexpected dividends, and that's what The Mindful Company did. This local jewellery label drew inspiration from nature, specifically plants and florals indigenous in our neck of the woods.



And they eschewed the beautiful but predictable Vanda Miss Joaquim too. In its Places of Calm collection, The Mindful Company came up with the cutest designs featuring local everyday blooms such as the bougainvillea, Elephant's Ear, Ruffled Fan Palm and the Singapore Kopsia.

Indeed, there are many ways to wear our love for the country – who says it always has to be on your sleeve?


Carrie K.: Culture Meets Fashion

Every nation has its unique cultures and traditions. In Singapore many Chinese families practice and embrace the wedding custom of si dian jin. Carried on for generations, such jewellery has however been modernised in the Carrie K Modern Heirloom collection.



Instead of gaudy yellow gold bling-bling dragons and phoenixes, here the home-grown jewellery designer presents white gold or steel with coloured gems and diamonds. More interestingly, the pieces are modular and can be mixed and matched to suit your mood.



As the reigning poster girl for Singapore jewellery design, Carrie K's astounding knack for creativity has gained it legions of fans. Most recently, founder Carolyn Kan's work on pearl jewellery once again updated the beautiful albeit traditional gem. The Pearl Bar collection gives millennial girls a one-size-fits-all way to wear pearls from day to night, work to play.