Tell-tale signs that you're an Apple Watch addict

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Tell-tale signs that you're an Apple Watch addict
Warning signs that you have a problem. A totally kick-ass problem of being a digitally savvy and smart early adopter of the Apple Watch

So it's been a month since the Apple Watch launched in Singapore (it dropped on 26 June) and, fascinated with all things digital and sex-ay, I grabbed my hands on the 42mm stainless steel version with a Milanese loop bracelet (Metal mesh strap. Magnetised buckle. Magnificent.) Touted as Apple's 'most personal device ever', the watch is also available in a sporty (and super lightweight) aluminium case and, if spending a cool 15 grand is your idea of a good time, a limited edition 18 carat gold version.

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First thoughts: Just a phase. Will return to trusty Rolex in due course. But, it's been a full four weeks and I have no plans of parting with my 'Silver Bullet' (yes, I gave it a nickname) any time soon. And, as pointed out by jealous colleagues and envious friends too scared (or proud) to take the Apple Watch plunge, I've developed some strange habits. Well, they call it 'strange', I call it being awesome.

1. Standing up randomly in meetings
Why: Because I'm trying to hit my stand goal of 12 hours a day. The watch taps me on my wrist as a reminder to get off my butt so that I can burn more calories. It's not just a watch, it's a personal trainer that never leaves your side. Literally.
What it looks like: That I'm about to make a speech. Which is awkward. Because I'm not. And everyone stops talking and just stares. 

The Activity app on the Apple Watch

2. Telling other Apple Watch owners, "I'll touch you later."
Why: With Digital Touch, I can send sketches, taps and even my heart beat to other Apple Watch wearers. Think about all the covert communication you can have with friends at a party — "If I tap you once, I want another drink. If I tap you twice, I want to leave immediately." Mad.
What it sounds like: Swingers at play. 

Digital Touch on the Apple Watch

3. Answering all calls on the Apple Watch 
Why: Because it makes me feel like a secret agent. Kind of like Maxwell Smart in the 1960s American comedy series, Get Smart. But in a good way.
What it looks like: Kind of like Maxwell Smart in the 1960s American comedy series, Get Smart. But in a bad way.

Don Adams playing Maxwell Smart in Get Smart

4. Frequently interrupting conversations with, "Hey Siri..."
Why: For example, I'm running late to a meeting because a friend is droning on about how she wants to marry rich like Rachel Chu in the novel, China Rich Girlfriend — you know, the sequel to Kevin Kwan's bestseller, Crazy Rich Asians — so I simply say, "Hey Siri" to activate my trustworthy personal assistant, and then get her (it's a her, I swear) to book me an Uber. Sorted.
What it looks like: That you still have an imaginary friend.

Crazy Rich Asians and China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan

5. Sneaking your Apple Watch into every possible Instagram post
Why: Because it's beautiful, it's sleek, and it must be adored and appreciated from every possible angle. Did I mention the handsome Milanese loop strap? It's this metal mesh bracelet with an adjustable magnetic buckle. How good is that?
What it looks like: Narcissism at its digital worst by the haters. Modern digital masterpiece by the innovators. #ShakeItOff

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