Ralph Lauren Black Safari Flying Tourbillon

Bugatti beauty

Ralph Lauren Black Safari Flying Tourbillon
Why the new tourbillon from Ralph Lauren ticks all the right boxes

Here's a disclaimer: This should not be your first tourbillon purchase. As a watch-collecting rule of thumb, ensure that you have the classics before considering more adventurous options.

Now that we've got it out of the way, it must be said that Ralph Lauren's foray into haute horlogerie is a mighty fine effort. The watch is, of course, unerringly stylish. The design is inspired by the designer's own Bugatti, which echoes the car's black matte tone on the case, and burl wood dashboard on its dial inlay. The automatic flying tourbillon movement here is made by La Fabrique du Temps, helmed by guys who have worked for Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Franck Muller.  

With brawn and brains to match, it's one of our favourite new releases for 2015. 

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Text: Alvin Wong

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