The shade is real: Queen Elizabeth’s brooches, and why they’re her slogan tees

The shade is real: Queen Elizabeth’s brooches, and why they’re her slogan tees

Not a fan

Text: Angelyn Kwek

So Queen E met Donald Trump when the US president made a diplomatic trip to Windsor Castle. Here’s how she shaded him throughout the 3-day visit with her choice of ornamentation

If you thought Queen Elizabeth was the grandmother of staid, you'll want to revise that opinion after checking out all that shade she tossed Donald Trump's way when he visited Windsor Castle the Friday before last. Over the three days the president and his combover went about London town, Queen E only received him and the First Lady on day two — though she all but declared her antipathy for the Trumps during their 72 hours in the UK.

How, you ask? Via some pretty subtle and clever wardrobe choices. Her royal pokerface was on but her brooches told a different story. Here's a study of Her Royal Highness and her shade-throwing jewellery, and why we think they're her equivalent of slogan tees.

Trump has landed. Queen Elizabeth marked his arrival by wearing a brooch from the Obamas. Given to her during their last state visit to England, the petite pin is a vintage piece, crafted from 14K yellow gold, and purchased out of pocket as a personal gift to the Queen.

If it were a slogan tee: "Make Obama president again."

Queen Elizabeth and Donald Trump

Meeting with the Trumps proper, she wore a paisley diamond brooch inherited from her late mother, Queen Mary, who wore it to her father's state funeral. The piece is famously tied to an iconic photo of Queen E as a young heir to the throne, stood alongside her grandmother and mother as three generations of royalty in grieving.

If it were a slogan tee: "Democracy is dead."

Nothing seems to get Trump's goat more than the mention of Canada, so what's more appropriate than donning the Sapphire Jubilee Brooch gifted to her from said nation as a fare thee well? This show of silent support for Canada could have been HRH's response to Trump's constant criticisms of the Canadian government (and an inkling of which side of the fence she falls on).

 If it were a slogan tee: "I'm with Trudeau."

Queen Elizabeth and Donald Trump

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