The smartest gift to get: Montblanc’s Summit watch is the way to win at Christmas this festive season

The smartest gift to get: Montblanc’s Summit watch is the way to win at Christmas this festive season

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

Looking for the ultimate gift that straddles desirability and practicability? Montblanc’s Summit smartwatch is the one that checks all the boxes

Christmas shopping can be trying for most but if your gifting mantra has always been to wrangle friends and family something useful from the nearest tech supply store to save yourself the headache, consider upping the wow factor this year with the Montblanc Summit smartwatch. The perfect combination of horology-meets-technology, the Summit is a cutting-edge timepiece housed in a classic Montblanc design not unlike its iconic 1858 collection, boasting a slew of capabilities to impress even the die-hard analog watch folks.

Powered by AndroidWear 2.0 to seamlessly synch to your phone, there's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a 512MB RAM processor, 4GB worth of flash storage, and as many as five different sensors — heart rate monitor, gyroscope, and barometer to name a few — all fitting into a frame that's only 46mm in diametre. Did we also mention it's got an all-day battery life and two different ways of charging? Plus a super-sharp AMOLED display, and an ace water resistance to survive everything from hand washing to rain exposure.

Impeccably tailored to today's multi-faceted individuals, the Montblanc Summit even has seven strap variations for personalising your piece, pairing stylishly with either all-black, all-steel, titanium, or bi-coloured frames.

With so many things going for it, whom among your peeps should you get and gift this smartwatch for? We break it down into four personalities who'll wear your festive present like a boss:

He waxes non-stop about his gym routine, and you reckon you see him in his active wear more often than regular clothes. Now add to his workout gear a watch that keeps pace, with a wrist sensor that tracks his wellbeing by reading his heart rate, and then feeding this data to his health apps to sync everything up. The Montblanc Summit also tracks activity levels to measure and maximise one's fitness so you'll know when you've peaked during exercise, and adjust your workout accordingly. And if your buddy's a running enthusiast, a quick shuffle to the music player will have his tunes with him for all his cardio sessions.

Montblanc Summit smartwatch

Whether for work or for leisure, he's always on the go, and an airplane cabin is like the second home he inadvertently acquired. While he's probably good on the creature comfort front, a travel companion like the Summit will have him jetsetting more efficiently with the integrated personal Google Assistant to compile all the necessary documents and flight info for every take-off. Montblanc's exclusive digital world timer is also there to manage multiple time zones, and in cases of cross-communication, the Summit doubles up as a voice-activated translator to interpret a phrase into over 100 languages to help you get your point across.

Montblanc Summit smartwatch

Talking shop and puzzling out eight different spreadsheets is what a typical day is usually like, and if it's all hands on deck, the Summit is one hard worker to have on your pal's team. Onscreen notifications will keep him on the ball with reminders, as well as changes or updates to the daily agenda, while shooting an urgent mail has never been easier with the watch's instant messaging function — in either text or voice, easily and speedily. And if's a PA to go everywhere with you, the voice-activated office assistant is on hand to do everything from scheduling dates and future meetings to checking your investments, so you can rest assured your priorities are on-point.

Montblanc Summit smartwatch

He's a social creature who beats to his own rhythm and could do with a smartwatch that complements his eclectic lifestyle, be it appreciating art at the latest gallery or a spot of wine tasting on the weekends. Lazy Sundays or not, Montblanc's Summit features clever insider tips to let you in on where the action is, with a personalised system to narrow down events of your interest. It also streamlines navigational tools into a map on the wrist to get you from Point A to Point B without having to constantly decipher your directional waypoint by turning around on the spot. Customisable watch faces round off the trifecta, so there's free reign to tailor the dial to suit any outfit, with complications you can swap round to fit all occasions.

Montblanc Summit smartwatch

The Montblanc Summit is available at Montblanc boutiques. Discover the brand here.

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