MB&F’s Legacy Machine Perpetual goes titanium

MB&F’s Legacy Machine Perpetual goes titanium


Text: Angelyn Kwek

See the MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual donning a new case and complication, co-created with friend of the brand Stephen McDonnell

It's gone through almost every hybrid of gold-platinum in past incarnations, but now MB&F is launching its Legacy Machine Perpetual entirely in titanium. A 50-piece limited edition creation that works a bit of a throwback despite being spanking new with a reinvented perpetual calendar complication, fans of the brand and horophiles will recognise its blue-green face as iconic of past Legacy Machines.

Co-created with independent Irish watchmaker and MB&F friend Stephen McDonnell, this iteration of the Legacy Machine exhibits another level of technical mastery, featuring the groundbreaking in-house developed movement that nabbed the Best Calendar Watch prize at 2016's Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève. Not only is it visually stunning from all angles with every minutiae visible dial-side up, the appreciation for this machine extends to its stellar timekeeping capabilities, which eliminate the drawbacks associated with conventional perpetual calendar watches thanks to a patent pending mechanical processor.

MB&f Legacy Machine Perpetual Titanium

Amazingly user-friendly and foolproof (exactly as said on the tin) the LM Perpetual works a fully integrated 581-component calibre that has a revolutionary new system for calculating the number of days in each month. Doing away with a module, a base movement and the bulky lever system, the watch's new mechanical processor utilises a default 28-day month and add extra days as required, which is a complete 360 from traditional perpetual calendars that have 31-day months whereby these watches rapid-scroll through the surplus dates — say switching from February 28 to March 1 — as the means for a changeover.

While you might shrug and carelessly think 'meh, same difference', McDonnell has designed the calibre such that there's no more skipping dates or jamming gears, and the adjuster pushers automatically deactivate when the calendar changes — and all this situated under a suspended balance on a dial-free watch face.

MB&f Legacy Machine Perpetual Titanium

So have we piqued your curiosity to see the Legacy Machine Perpetual in motion? Check out the video below to see it doing what it does best, and hear it from McDonnell himself on why this watch wonder is a mini-miracle of horology:

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