Travel to Ethiopia with Marilyn Tan Jewellery’s latest collection

Travel to Ethiopia with Marilyn Tan Jewellery’s latest collection

Tribal spirit

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Ever inspired by her travels to Africa’s oldest country, designer Marilyn Tan launches a follow-up jewellery edit to her Ethiopian collection

When it comes to homegrown favourites, Marilyn Tan Jewellery is another name that raises our 'Support Local' paddle. With an aesthetic that straddles the architectural and the organic, every piece that comes out of its atelier is a bespoke creation — a brand concept that rings true with the latest Ethiopian 2 collection.

A continuity that sees the original Ethiopian series expanded upon, this limited edition drop delves deeper into the mystique and beauty of Africa, taking the continent's cultural symbols as stylistic cues explored by Marilyn herself in five unique design lines. Two of them, ID Marks and Tim Kat, revisit the debut launch with re-invented pieces featuring bolder and heavier designs, while the other three are completely brand new. Entirely handcrafted and containing an element of rawness throughout, expect a profusion of gold pieces in the collection, wrought into statement pendants, cuffs and bracelets using a vermeil technique. This is done as homage to the Ethiopian culture's tradition of gold mining; other unique ethnic details include shapes, colours and identity marks lovingly worked into the collection, inspired by the Obelisk of Axum, the terrain of the Simien National Park, and the religious Timkat festival, to name a few.


Of the sub-collections within Ethiopian 2, one is also an exclusive capsule line christened as Sunset, made using semi-precious stones such as lime quartz crystal and Ethiopian opals.

In Marilyn's own words: "It is such a large country, always more to see and learn. My travels through Africa's oldest country was a boundless journey, not only because of its size but its deep history. There are many regions that felt like they were frozen in time. The locals are still very much rooted in their traditions."

So if it's a metaphorical getaway to discover the wonders of Africa, Marilyn Tan Jewellery has essentially translated the sights and sounds of Ethiopia into an elaborate jewellery collection steeped in meaning for you to wear everywhere.

The limited edition Ethiopian 2 collection is available at the Marilyn Tan Jewellery atelier at Tiong Bahru, with bespoke orders available on request.

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