5 women in your life who deserve the Liens de Chaumet jewellery

Yours, sincerely

Text: Angelyn Kwek

For every female figure that’s irrevocably tied to you, the iconic Liens de Chaumet is the collection to signify each unique bond

Symbolic jewellery will always have its place in everyone's lives. And much like chapters in the book that tells of your story, Liens de Chaumet has been the sentimental collection that threads alongside each cherished moment since its creation in 1970. The perfect tangible expression of eternal attachment (lien literally means 'link') Chaumet is constantly reinventing Liens and conveying its whimsical, graceful femininity into ways to wear for the everyday. And with the birth of the latest Liens Seduction enriching the collection, there's never been more reason to walk through this jewellery series and pick one up for the different women in your life. From the new Seduction pieces to the ever-popular Jeux de Liens, we break it down for you:

Mums deserve the best, and we're not talking about making a showy point only on a certain gazetted occasion. To represent your love for her 24/7, 365 days a year she should be lavished just so with the Liens D'Amour. Embellished with solitaires and coloured stones to symbolise a pledge of love, this is filial commitment at its most dazzling.

Liens de Chaumet

The newest Liens lineup and the most free-flowing yet, a delicately crafted ribbon unfurls from an artful bow to characterise a love that's at once intense and light-hearted. You know, like a pair of sisters who are cool doing their own thing, but she's the shoulder you've cried on, and she's always got your back when it counts.

Liens de Chaumet

Nothing says friendship forever like matching jewellery, and Jeux de Liens has bracelets, rings and necklaces in a delightful palette of precious gemstones to suit every one of your gal pal's fancy. Interpreted as a light and fresh version of the series, the 'X' looking motif is the Liens ribbon representing a playful promise.

Liens de Chaumet

Or your soon-to-be wife. For the (clueless) gents out there, this here is the original Liens, designed with clean lines and a graphic minimalism that declares strength of conviction. Designated as the collection's wedding bands, the sense of purity and steadfast love behind the Liens Évidence speaks for itself.

Liens de Chaumet

In picking out the perfect pieces for everyone else, you've probably put your own desires on the backburner — and that won't do at all. Call it a well-deserved bauble or a treat yourself charm, we say go for everything a Liens in any incarnation that catches your eye, and reflects your sense of style. Because you're at the centre of these Liens de Chaumet bonds, and the one they all lead back to.

Liens de Chaumet

The Liens de Chaumet collection is available at all Chaumet boutiques.