See Joseph Schooling repping Tag Heuer as its new friend of the brand

Homeboy does it again

Text: Angelyn Kwek

And discover the backstory that links Singapore’s Olympic gold medalist to the maison

The year was 2016. And on that fateful day of 12 August in Rio de Janeiro, Joseph Schooling went down in history as our first ever Olympic champion when he beat out Michael Phelps to clinch gold for the 100-metre butterfly. Post-Olympics and a roaring welcome home campaign later, the athlete made headlines again when Hugo Boss snatched him up to be their Singaporean ambassador — a partnership that also spawned an exclusive capsule collection bearing his colour codes.

Now with a cover on the local edition of Harper's Bazaar and an extensive fashion spread with Esquire Singapore in the bag, Schooling's credence as a sports celebrity has been cemented. His latest achievement in the realm of ambassadorships? Becoming a friend of Tag Heuer. And his watch of choice is none other than the Aquaracer, naturally.

Dynamic, sporty and extremely versatile, this is the ultimate Tag Heuer sports watch, inspired by the aquatic world. Besides tying in nicely with the swimmer's discipline, the Aquaracer resonates with Schooling beyond the waters by going as far back as his childhood because (surprise, surprise) his family actually collects Tag Heuer timepieces. Not only did he grow up with mum and dad acquiring and wearing Tag Heuer — the Schooling fam owns an Aquagraph, the ancestor of today's Aquaracer and even a vintage Heuer Monaco — his first Swiss watch was one from the maison too, gifted to him by his parents. This makes the connection between the Olympian and Tag Heuer an emotional one, which adds an extra layer to the partnership that first started off on the shared philosophy of a strong commitment to the world of sports.

"I'm deeply honored to be appointed a Friend of Tag Heuer. As a professional athlete, I face many different types of situations, some of which pushes me into a corner and to the brink of cracking. But only the strongest succeed. That's why I live by and resonate with the philosophy of #DontCrackUnderPressure, which is Tag Heuer's tagline," said Schooling. "Through this partnership, I hope Tag Heuer and I can encourage and inspire the younger generation to beat all odds, overcome challenges and scale greater heights."


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