8 iconic jewellery pieces Singaporean women lust after

8 iconic jewellery pieces Singaporean women lust after

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

Image: Instagram | @chanelofficial

“Someday my (Cartier) Love will come”

Do you remember what you bought with your first paycheck? A new MacBook that'll see you processing those work documents and emails at lightspeed? Or perhaps it was a vintage Chanel 2.55 you've been saving up for since forever. Admittedly most Singaporean women tend to gravitate towards designer bags (all the better to see and be seen in) when it comes to big ticket buys but once you've cleared that hurdle, you're only going up from there. The next big itch to scratch? Pretty, shiny jewellery to go along with your rising SES. And when it comes to bling that has that instant wow factor, there are a handful with an allure you just can't resist. Here are the eight jewellery classics and cult pieces Singaporean women lust after:

1. Cartier Love bangle
Do we need to say more? This is possibly the OG of cult fine jewellery, perpetuated by legendary silver screen names such as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Now it's synonymous with luxury and prestige, and if Kylie Jenner is your idea of #goals, it also means to wear as many as five bracelets at once.


2. Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra necklace
For jewellery that's as iconic as it is lucky, Alhambra is the one to do you a good turn. Not only does the four-leaf clover motif work that on-trend vintage look, they come in a variety of gorgeous, coloured stones that'll make you want one of each.


3. Hermès Clic H bracelet
The letter 'H' has never looked better being worn front and centre on your wrist. While it's not exactly logomania, there's something about the bold script juxtaposed by its gleaming lacquered band (in every shade you could want) that makes this piece oh-so-sleek.


4. Chopard Ice Cube earrings
You don't have to be a fan of Rihanna's to love the minimalist geometry of the Ice Cube collection, although the green edition from RiRi's collab with the maison is stunning as heck. Word is it's sold out everywhere, but there's always the original ones in brown ceramic.


5. Chanel Coco Crush ring
If the many, many iterations of this piece of Chanel jewellery haven't clued you in on just how coveted Coco Crush is, you need to re-assess your priorities. The version in beige gold, be it the ring or the necklace, is our obsession.


6. Tiffany & Co. HardWear necklace
Fashion-forward peeps who love their finery with a dose of rebellion; this is the ultimate jewellery collection for you. Subversive yet feminine, HardWear revived the grit-and-glamour look that not only looks awesome in street style snaps; its versatility makes it a fit even for fancy soirees.


7. Chaumet Jeux de Liens bracelet
Don't quote us on this, but the younger sister of Liens might just have a more popular reception than big sis. Why? Besides being more playful and casual, the petite criss-crosses wear with a second-skin feel and are great for layering without ever being OTT. It's pretty much the perfect everyday essentials edit.


8. Bvlgari B.Zero1
Right up there on the lustworthy meter next to the other jewellery heavyweights, B.Zero1 is the collection every maximalist can appreciate, albeit with a more architectural bent. In fact, it's the blend of this fascinating organic-meets-geometry take on the Bvlgari's iconic Tubogas design that keeps fans coming back for more.