How to choose a wedding ring: Lee Hwa Jewellery lends a hand with global bridal brands

How to choose a wedding ring: Lee Hwa Jewellery lends a hand with global bridal brands

Forever Love

Text: Celine Yap

Falling in love is so easy. We've all been there. We know it can happen at first sight, or overnight, or even with just one swipe-right.

Staying in love, now can be truly difficult (at times), but Lee Hwa Jewellery wants you to cherish the beauty of relationships. To see that some relationships can be as precious as diamonds. And know that like diamonds, they are built to last.

Yet how do we know if we're in a lasting relationship? Well, ask not what your relationship can do for you. Ask what can you do for your relationship! Or you could ask Lee Hwa Jewellery.

Being in the jewellery business is to be in the business of love. Lee Hwa Jewellery has met more than enough couples and couples of all ages to know what it takes to grow a relationship from budding romance to blooming love story and beyond.

Here are the five sure signs you're on the cusp of something really special, plus a few wedding bands that reflect your brand of true love.

You give each other space

We all need me time or alone time. Being in love doesn't mean spending every waking hour with your significant other. Space doesn't only mean being apart. You relish being physically together but doing separate things, enjoying a comfortable silence is just as invigorating as a breath of fresh air.

You don't forget the little things

Small gestures every day fuel your affection for each other. Getting the coffeemaker on, or leaving a bottle of water on the nightstand, remembering your anniversary... These little touches of intimacy strengthen a relationship just as much as the big things. These are signs that you care.

You help each other grow

Not just lovers, you are friends, teachers, confidantes and more. When you win at something, you can't wait to run home and tell him or her about it. You're always learning from each other, using your knowledge, experience and skills to support each other's goals. You succeed together and celebrate successes together.

There is mutual trust, respect and admiration

You're thankful to have each other, and maybe can't imagine a life without each other. People talk about it a lot but trust is truly a key ingredient for any relationship to work. When there's trust, there's respect. You face all the ups and downs knowing you've got each other's back.

You want to take things to the next level

It's a feeling you've got when you know you're ready. That's what spurs you to keep moving forward, and you're always working towards it. Everything you do is a step closer to the dream you're building together. And even if it scares you sometimes, you're always excited about it.

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