Here’s how you can get your own made-to-measure Fred Force 10 bracelet

Here’s how you can get your own made-to-measure Fred Force 10 bracelet


Text: Angelyn Kwek

For a Fred Force 10 bracelet that’s uniquely you, Fred has launched L’Atelier to see to all your customising quirks

The concept of jewellery personalisation started innocuously enough with simple initial engraving but once it took off, there's no stopping this train as everyone soon began clamouring for customisation in spades. And while bidding goodbye to mass production is de rigueur, there's admittedly only so much input you could dictate at the end of the day. Shouldn't it be high time you could customise a piece of jewellery from scratch (insert indignant tone here)?

Well, now you can with Force 10 By Me, an innovative made-to-measure service launched under L'Atelier Fred that takes design involvement to the next level. By combining cutting-edge digital technology with the maison's jewellery expertise, you can create a Force 10 bracelet that's stamped with your personality by putting together a design that pulls from a database of over 100, 000 different style permutations. That number right there is groundbreaking in the world of fine jewellery... but it's a figure seen as the natural progression for Fred, given the brand's penchant for being audaciously creatively.

Fred Force 10 By Me

Devised like a set of building blocks, your personalisation experience starts in-store at the Fred boutique with a digital jewellery case that opens up with a series of blocks representing the components of the Force 10 bracelet. A playful process that allows for whims and eccentricities, you gradually build your bracelet on the screen — from choosing colours for the woven strap to the type of metal for the buckle — with plenty of opportunities to make changes at any time.

Fred Force 10 By Me

And like magic, your self-crafted Force 10 bracelet takes shape before your very eyes, before being sent to Fred's workshops to be reproduced down to the last customised detail. By the way, did we mention there's an app for this? Available from the Apple Store, the L'Atelier Fred app lets you upload an image that contains the colour you desire for your bracelet, whether it's from another accessory or even a landscape photograph. It then analyses the image before transmitting the colour data to the workshop. The process takes but four simple steps, then voila: Say hello to the Force 10 that's uniquely you.

Choose the gold and the ornamentation (gemstones or lacquer) of your buckle.

Choose the gold and the ornamentation (gemstones or lacquer) of your fastenings.

Combine your buckle with your favourite cables.

Engrave your buckle.

Force 10 By Me is available at L'Atelier Fred at the Fred boutique at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

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