#FirstClassFriday: Secrets by Harry Winston revealed

More than meets the eye

#FirstClassFriday: Secrets by Harry Winston revealed
The luxury jeweller unveils a collection with secret compartments and hidden gems

Harry Winston was not just a talented jeweller; he was also a man of many secrets. From the cleverly concealed diamonds that he carried with him on a daily basis, to his ability to predict the brilliance of a rough gem by simply holding it in his hands, he was an elusive man who created a beautiful legacy born from his love of diamonds.  

In honour of Winston's secretive trait, the House of Harry Winston has unveiled a 29 piece unique collection entitled 'Secrets'. With three different themes, Secrets by Harry Winston doesn't just pay tribute to the man himself, but reveals a few things about the brand as well. The main lines from the collection include Secret Wonder, Secret Cluster and Secret Combination; all featuring some of the world's finest jewels set in platinum.

In Secret Combination, the jewellery house uses detachable strands of fancy cut diamonds to create a necklace with numerous combinations. Worn as a simple strand, or layered with multiple strands, this stunning piece is extremely versatile and suits multiple outfits.

Not to be outdone, the Secret Wonder has a few tricks of its own. Featuring a starburst of round and pear-shaped diamonds, the pieces feature hidden precious gems that only the wearer is aware of. Talk about intimate and discreet luxury. The last, but certainly not the least of the three themes, is the Secret Cluster. Using the iconic Winston Cluster, one of the pieces hides a delicate perfume bottle behind a tangled web of pave diamonds.

Discover the Secrets by Harry Winston collection by clicking on the gallery below.

Secrets by Harry Winston is available exclusively at Harry Winston salons worldwide. 

Text: Vimidamini Haridasan

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